как-то так

Episode 3.01 finds Hannibal on the hunt for a new identity. We will meet a new acquaintance who will assist Hannibal with his search for information. Hannibal and Bedelia will share a dance under the guises of their newly selected identities which sees them share the same surname - could they be playing husband and wife? The episode will also see the inclusion of a new Italian antagonist and we will hear a character recite a sonnet. (Hannibal - Season 3 - Will not air until April/May 2015).

муж и жена или брат и сестра?
на что ставите?

предаст ли ганнибал память уилла? или даже не так: верит ли он в то, что убил его?

и все-таки апрель-май. не март

@темы: ганнибал и просто мм